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The procedure for invalidity

The procedure is perhaps simpler than a trial in civilian courts; it is not a dispute between the parties. Only study to marriage itself, not the behavior of spouses or who is guilty or the subsequent events. The church investigates the ability to pamper the bride and groom to accept marriage as such; i.e. that there are no impediments to celebrate and that consent has been voluntary, free of pressures, conditions, fraud, violence, or fear, and with full capacity.

Requests are resolved by strict shift; all follow the same established procedure and the duration depends on the other party, in addition to reside in the same city, to attend to the subpoenas. There is no recommended or selected, preferential treatment or facilities for the causes. Courts of the Church are in good faith, fair, only seek the truth in defense of marriage or recognize the nullity when it is clear.

Only the wife or the husband has the right to personally ask the study of his marriage, never other family members nearby and interested in the welfare of them.

It starts with an interview in which is delivered to whom instructions requesting it and guide to make the writing of call for study of marriage. The claimant should give all the information to be able to notify your spouse, if you do not, they will have to publish edicts that lengthen the process and increase the cost.

In the following days, it is quoted who introduced him to answer an interrogation prepared for each case (along with their witnesses), and subsequently cited to the other party (also with his witnesses). They all answered under oath and documentary evidence that is, letters, certificates, medical certificates are supported. The procedure should not last more than one year.

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