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Grounds for invalidity

The unique causes that can lead to the Declaration of nullity of a marriage are few, limited and specific to that designates the canonical code – the law of the Church-which applies only to Catholics. They are called settling impediments, some of natural law (e.g. kinship or total and incurable impotence); other common law, (as being already married or the Rapture). The law of the Church has three more: Holy orders, professing in a convent or the disparity of cults. The most frequent cause is the lack of ability for defects of consent of the spouses.

The nullity only comes when invalidly contracted marriage; i.e. when there was really the consent of the bride and groom, by lack of capacity, causes of psychic nature, antecedent to the moment of giving the ‘yes’; also when there is absolute rejection of properties and purposes essential of marriage, fidelity or the indissolubility of the same, have children, or when any of them has a legal impediment, such as total, incurable and prior, impotence which prevents fulfill the purposes, or it was not deliberately set form; in particular, one of the reasons recognized by the law of the Church.

Events after the marriage, by serious and painful they are, may not cause the nullity of an Act valid, legitimate, indissoluble sacramental character. In these cases is permitted and authorized the separation of bodies so that innocent spouse living in another place, without being guilty of missing from its duties of conjugal cohabitation.

So necessary in these circumstances or facts the plaintiff is presented direct to the Clerics Court of his diocese, for guidance, help and start is a study of your problem or matrimonial cause. These visits have no cost and are very positive for those interested.


Every ecclesiastical court fixed cost. In Mexico it is fifteen thousand pesos as Max, same that are paid into four parts as it advances the cause. Where the person concerned does not have money, reduction request is authorized or even to perform free of charge.

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