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Divorce is the act dissolving the bond of marriage and leaves the couple in fitness of getting another.

What to do?

First you should consider whether this completely safe to perform this important step in your life; if in doubt should be given time to think about it, check for sufficient reasons and when it is completely safe (or) initiate the paperwork for this you must go preferably with a lawyer specializing in Family Matters, this to be sure that we have the support of a professional on the matter.

What stationery is required?

  1. Present the marriage certificate certified copy.
  2. If you have minor children or elderly, submit a certified copy of the birth certificate of each.
  3. Submit the agreement, in case of a divorce by mutual consent.
  4. Present evidence on motive cause divorce, if necessary divorce.
  5. Submitted when required.

Divorce can be promoted in three ways

  1. Mutual consent.
  2. Required.
  3. Administrative.

The authorities can intervene in cases of divorce are:

  • Official of the Civil Registry.
  • Judge of the Family.
  • Agent of the Public Ministry.

The main effects of divorce are:

  • Dissolution of marriage.
  • Determine the rights and obligations of parental rights and child custody.
  • Determine the rights concerned maintenance obligations.
  • Division of assets that constitute a couple.

The duration of the divorce process varies according to the cause in which it occurred.

For cases of uncontested divorce is the approximate time of one to two months, provided that the divorcing do not miss the two joint compromise to fix the court.

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