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Divorce lawyers

Marriage is the union between 2 people (same or opposite sex), which has a cultural, social and legal recognition. The dissolution of the contract or union is called divorce.

The divorce lawyer, specializing in:

During the divorce, usually the laws tend to protect women, and children born fruit of marriage he wants to dissolve. Another common complication is the strong religious condemnation that exists with regard to divorce, which creates a social stigma.

There are different types of divorce where the divorce lawyer will speak for one of the two parties or spouses:

  • Divorce by mutual consent: Both spouses agree to divorce and start trading.
  • Divorce without the consent of one spouse: Starts at the request of one spouse, provided that such request be made ​​to support the law considers sufficient for the divorce is granted.
  • Divorce by the will of one spouse: Similar to above, but in this case the only desire of the husband to divorce requires is enough to carry it out.
  • Judgment of divorce: It dissolves the marriage and is taken away the ability of divorced to remarry.

The divorce lawyer should mediate between his client and the husband of this. The lawyer will use all their legal skills to achieve the greatest number of benefits or treatment for your prospect. These range from child custody, child support until the receivable or payable and alimony.

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