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Month: October 2014

Do I have to appear before the court if a creditor sue me

When a lender discovers that you have not paid a debt, you may not get you money or assets do not follow the correct process. That is, unless you try and sue you owe. If you demand a creditor, the court will schedule an initial hearing in which you and the creditor is supposed to appear before a judge so you can determine if the case warrants. You must appear before the hearing, although the court did not oblige.

Do a leasing contract survives when the landlord dies

A lessor and a lessee entering a lease agreement, which is a farm in property. The tenant has possessory interest in the property, while the lessor maintains a future interest in the property. When the tenant leaves the property, the landlord takes possession of the property. A lease agreement can survive the death of a lessor, depending on the type of lease whereby the lessor was part. A lease for years, a periodic lease and a lease at will represent the three main types of estates for rent.