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Month: August 2014

Divorcing the Church?

Many people think that the Church dissolved or annulled marriages, which is totally false, because marriage is a sacrament indissoluble for Catholics and no church authority has power to dissolve it. What makes the Church is studying requests by some married persons to determine if their marriage was “valid” or not in the ecclesiastical courts. In the event that the marriage is not considered to be “Valid”, the sentence States “Invalid”.


Divorce is the act dissolving the bond of marriage and leaves the couple in fitness of getting another.

What to do?

First you should consider whether this completely safe to perform this important step in your life; if in doubt should be given time to think about it, check for sufficient reasons and when it is completely safe (or) initiate the paperwork for this you must go preferably with a lawyer specializing in Family Matters, this to be sure that we have the support of a professional on the matter.

Disability appeal process

There are four types of appeal available to you. You must complete them in this order so your case is to be considered again. The first type of resource is the “review”, which is the reconsideration request form (Request for Reconsideration) and the disability report for appeal (Appeal Disability Report). You can fill the paper versions and send them by mail to your local Social Security Office or can access online forms, fill them and send them electronically.